MAY 9 2016



 7:00 p.m. - Presentation of MASNAÂ # 4

 by ismaël and David Ruffel


Presentation of year 4 by its artistic directors, ismaël and David Ruffel: project, issues, program.

Ismaël, Tunisian artist and filmmaker, is the associate artistic director of this 4th annual gathering.

David Ruffel, editor and educator, is the director of the Masnaâ festival in Casablanca.



Espace Darja




 7:30 p.m. - Screening

of Pauline M’barek’s “Géographie imaginaire”

 15 min., 2005, Germany/Tunisia.


“The film is based upon very personal observations I made during traditional preparations and rituals, on the occasion of my cousin’s wedding in Tunisia. The place that it visits is a surface where images of desire for an “unchanged culture” are projected. In this way, it represents a made-up or imaginary geography. A film like a strange and indistinctly gloomy dream of a warm and never-ending day, where it is only through gestures, facial expressions and, above all, sounds that one is able to sense what is happening. When one does not speak a language, everything turns into music.”

Paulina M’barek was born in Cologne, Germany in 1979. She graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg and from ESBAM. An artist, her work makes use of video and drawing.




Espace Darja




 19H45 - “The Great Safae”,

a film by Randa Maaroufi,

16 min, 2014, France/Morocco.


“The film could be introduced as an experimental documentary that freely draws its inspiration from a character, known by the name of “The Great Safae”, who actually existed and who disappeared in the 1980s. A transvestite, he spent a period of his life working as a domestic employee for my family, who ignored his “real” sexual identity. Actual witnesses and film actors tell stories and describe this enigmatic character who, for a long time, made me dream. Three actresses and one actor play the role of Safae and contribute to the sketched portrait of this elusive individual. By mixing true stories with fictional methods, I question mise-en-scène and the veracity of facts while evoking perceptions of identity confusion.”

Born in 1987 in Casablanca, Randa Maroufi, a graduate of the schools of fine arts in Tétouan and in Angers, is currently in residence at Fresnoy. She is interested in the mise-en-scène of bodys in public and private spaces.



Espace Darja




 8:30 p.m. — “Unsettling green -

L’histoire ordinaire de deux personnes”

(Unsettling Green - The Ordinary Story of Two People”) — Performance


Unsettling Green is a performance in which the subjectivity of each spectator can choose to follow a single or double narrative. Some will experience two different and unrelated stories while others will follow the continuity of presented facts. But surely, you will witness a life of dreams collapse into routine, you will will contemplate fireflies and stars during fantastical encounters, your eyes will gaze upon madness strangely mixed with happiness, you will see day and night.

For this performance we wanted to push our experimental approach to the limit. As a result, we are presenting, not only a choreographed work but also a visual performance. The goal was to explore new territories for our choreographic and artistic expression.

This performance is presented by Espace Darja as part of the residency of Gustavo Monteiro and Francesca Perruci.



Choreography, concept and stage direction: Gustavo Monteiro & Francesca Perruci.


Created and performed by Francesca Perruci and Christos Santa Maria.


Performance advisor: Luis Mestre


Music: Wadaiko Matsuriza, Ryuchi Sakamoto & Bryce Dessner Machinefabriek




Espace Darja