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 6:00 p.m. - “Bidoun 2”,

 a film by Jilani Saadi, 90 min., Fiction, 2014.


Sound, radio and video artist, Anna Raimondo’s work explores the experience of listening in both its political and aesthetic dimensions, using sound as a tool to elaborate relational environments. Born in 1981 in Italy, she lives and works between Brussels and Naples. Her works have been shown in Brussels, London, Marrakesh, Casablanca, Rabat and, with the artist Younes Baba-Ali, she publishes the sound and radio art platform “Saout Radio”. For her first solo exhibit in Morocco, “Vers le sud” at Thinkart she is presenting a series of video and sound installations: “Mediterraneo” (2014) and three new productions, “Tout en doutant” (2016), “La fatigue d’être” (2016) and “Come un puesce fuor d’acqua”.







 18 h - « Bidoun 2 »

un film de Jilani Saadi

90 mn, Fiction, 2014.


Tunisia 2013, a society at a full boil during the drafting of its new constitution. Two young drifters, Aïda and Abdou, meet each other one night by accident. Their paths will cross and uncross until they share in their discontent.

Jiliani Saadi was born February 6, 1962 in Bizerte, Tunisia. He is the author of four feature films: Khorma (2002), Tendresse du loup (2006), Winou baba (2012) and Bidoun 2 (2014) selected in numerous international competitions. At the third international gathering of Arab cinema (Rencontres internationales des cinémas arabes), organized in partnership with the MuCEM of Marseille in April 2015, he was chosen in the “Un cinéaste, un parcours” (“A filmmaker, a process”) section.



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 7:30 p.m. - “Les Cheikhates”

by Ghassan El Hakim


Since I was little, I have dreamed of being a cheikha. Not the kind that was on TV on saturday night. No, I dreamed of being a real cheikha like Kharboucha*.

Besides, they always mistook me for a girl in the neighborhood because I had long hair. And I liked that.

Singing and dancing for life. What could be more beautiful and more true.

This is the imagined story of five men who wanted to be Cheikhates and who became them.


Cheikha Houida El Ghayathiya known by the name of Kharboucha is a popular female singer born in Adba, Morocco at the end of the 19th century. She left behind many poems inciting the men of her tribe to revolt against the yoke of Caïd Issa Ibn Omar, an ally of the french colonists, the origin of her legend.


Ghassan El Hakim is an actor and director. He lives and works in Casablanca.

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 8:30 p.m. - “Starve your dog”,

a film by Hicham Lasri,

Fiction, 90 min., 2015


Casablanca, 2015. A disappeared politician comes out of retirement to confess his crimes in a worn studio. A has-been film director is revived to write a painful chapter of the history of her country, interviewing this man on his role in the old regime. The glory days of the director have vanished, just like the power of the man that she is filming and her old team is no longer as tightly-knit nor as motivated as it was before. Each character goes from one side and from the other, turning around the past and brushing up against the futur, grasping neither one nor the other. Meanwhile, in the street, a destitute woman raises her fists to the sky and prays for an earthquake to come and restore justice. A civilization on the edge of the abyss, ready to fall in. The fourth film from Hicham Lasri is a scream in an asylum from which no one can escape.

Hicham Lasri is a filmmaker and writer. He is the author of four feature films, The End (2012), C’est eux les chiens [They Are the Dogs] (2013), The Sea is Behind (2015) and Starve Your Dog (2016) presented in numerous film festivals around the world.



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