may 14 , 2016



 2:00 p.m. – Opening of the comic book workshop “2061 – Maghreb SF” and of the exhibit of the magazine Lab619

(May 14 – June 4, 2016)



“2061 – Maghreb SF” is a comic book workshop devoted to Maghreban science fiction and open to about ten participants. It is conducted and offered by Abir Gasmi and Moez Tabia of the Tunisian magazine Lab619 which earned the prize for the best comics magazine of the arab world at the latest Cairo Comix festival in Cairo in 2015. Abir Gasmi (scriptwriter) and Moez Tabia (illustrator) are the creators of the comic book “Oblation” (2014) and of a science fiction comic strip that appears episodically in Lab619.

In parallel with the presentation of works created during the workshop, L’Uzine is hosting, as a part of MASNAÂ # 4, an exhibit of boards from Lab619, from May 14 to June 4, 2016.





 3:30 p.m. — Showcase of the Label

“Infinite Tapes” by DVSN and SKNDR


infinite is black and white,

past and future,

forms and feelings,

sound and silence,

love and hate.

infinite is music.

Music as infinite as none.


“Infinite Tapes” is a label dedicated to electronic and contemporary music that was founded in Tunis in 2014 by the producers Skander Besbes (SKNDR) and Tarek Louati (DVSN). Since its creation, Infinite Tapes has produced 5 discs in CD format and 2 in digital format, organized several events, listening sessions and club soirées. For 2016, Inifinite Tapes is preparing the production of a dozen discs.






 5:00 p.m. – Short film programming


es profondeurs (The Depths),

by Youssef Chebbi – Fiction – 25’ – 2013

Un vampire las et désespéré revient mourir dans sa ville natale qu’il avait quittée depuis des décennies.




by Aladin Abutaleb – Animation – 12’ – 2015

The story of a Head that lives alone in a wheelchair for many years in its downtown apartment. It falls into routine, surviving on media, until one day it is surprised by a job listing. In the end, it comes to abandon its solitude and leave its wheelchair.



Le refuge (The Refuge),

by Nadia Touijer – Documentary – 24’ – 2003

On the outskirts of captal Tunis lays the Jallez cemetery, this immense place is roamed each day by silhouettes looking for work and in search of a locale for integration…



Le peuple de Frankenstein (Frankenstein’s People),

by Imed Issaoui – Fiction – 20’ – 2011

“A misbegotten people can produce nothing but misbegotten film”. Hommage to american genre film through a dark story of revenge in today’s Tunis.











 6:30 p.m. – Opening of Fakhri El Ghezal’s

photo exhibit (May 14 — June 4, 2016)


As part of his creation residency at L’Uzine in the Aïn Sebaa neighborhood, an industrial neighborhood outside of Casablanca, the Tunisian photographer Fakhri El Ghezal (whose work is also exhibited at GVCC) will create a series of photographs devoted to the neighborhood, on view from May 14 to June 4.


Fakhri el Ghezal was born in 1981 in Tunisia. He is working on a photography that deals with the creator’s body in perpetual resonance, through an incessant come and go between the memory of flesh and the flesh of the image. His works have been presented at international exhibits and festivals (African Encounters of photography in Bamako, NEW MUSEUM in New York, Beirut Art Center, Mucem de Marseille…)







 7:30 p.m. – “les choses # 1”

(“The things # 1”)

by Younes Atbane  (performance)


This project is based on a desire to bring the link between object and dream back into play.

 We spend our daily lives next to objects, we ignore them when we cross ways with them even though they are surely present in our dreams. For this performance, artists arrive on stage in “a thing-world”. Their actions create a texture in which language, movement and images are hemmed into a logic of meaning but are capable of exchanging, of entering into collision and of interacting in order to construct a dream device in which the unknown, the floating, and the non-rational become active…


Objects are used, knocked over and manipulated. In the same way that we repeat a work, again and again, until it loses both its meaning and the thing to which it refers, objects will become  nameless “things” or given a name that has lost its meaning. The objective is to reach alienation, adrift, and to discover a new dimension of meaning, founded upon the mental association of dreams and intuition. The object is a means to discover what you dream.


Concept: Younes Atbane

Interpretation: Younes Atbane, Aziz Nadif / Mohamed Ahakki / Mouad Aissi / Rabbi Hadane / Nabil Najhi







 11:00 p.m. – A World Full of Bass (Part. 3)



Conceived of in reference to Tunis’s first electronic music collective, conducted by Shunigami San, the two “A World Full of Bass” soirées will bring together a portion of the Tunisian and Moroccan electro avant-garde. For this second exceptional component at Vanity, resolutely electro and techno: SKNDR (Live, Tunis), DEENA (Live, Tunis), DAOX (DJ, Morocco), WAF (VJ, Tunis).


SKNDR, a musician and traveller of multiple identities, is one of the main producers of Tunisian electronic music, performing as often in the Arab World as in Europe, including in 2015 at the Institute of the Arab World for the La Bulle and Arabstazy soirées.


Performance artist, musician and DJ, DEENA is a product of the Tunisian alternative scene and a member of the collective Arabstazy. She offers a particularly energetic avant-gardist music as she searches for a club, futurist and arab music, playing all around and in several formats: live sets, DJ sets, radio shows and cine-concerts. /


Born in Casablanca, DAOX is a producer, DJ and one of the biggest promoters of the Moroccan electro scene, performing in numerous local and international invents, including recently at the Rex in Paris. His ethereal sets are strongly influenced by deep techno sounds coming from the Chicago and Detroit schools.


Wafa Benromdan aka WAF, video artist, lives between Paris, Berlin and Tunis. WAF has, since 2010, been associated as a VJ with several artists in different arrangements, Wafolyv, Planningtorock and Arabstazy.