MAY 13, 2016



  6:00 p.m. – LA PARALLÈLE


“DIABOLUS EX MACHINA” – A graphic novel by Hicham Lasri (éditions Le Fennec)


“It’s the narrative a fictional character who has come from far away to get into an empty comic book frame. The closer he gets, the louder the sound of his footsteps becomes. Having arrived in the box of his empty frame, he remains silent, and even when the speech bubble appears above his head, it remains empty. The character can’t manage to speak, he is stupefied. A thought bubble appears and we hear the character’s monologue: ‘Say something, their going to take you for an idiot if you keep standing here doing nothing. Say something, before they kick you out of your own life…” He smiles. But the bubble remains empty. Over the course of the frames, from what ressembles a job interview for a comic book character, he describes himself as a kind arab, a man in the world who tries to give his vision of the universe, where disgust with oneself is the greatest common denominator.”

“Diabolus ex machina” is Hicham Lasri’s first graphic novel. Filmmaker and writer, as well as illustrator, his urban and pop universe was only waiting for a chance to develop into a graphic narrative, as a possible synthesis between his cinematic language and his literary language.

“Diabolus ex machina” is published as part of MASNAÂ # 4 at once in the form of an exhibit and a book published by Éditions Le Fennec in an edition of 100 copies signed by the author.

Hicham Lasri is a filmmaker and writer. He published two plays, (K)Rêve [(K)Dream] (Grand prize of the union of writers of Morocco - 2005) and Larmes de joie un jour de Zemzem [Tears of joy a day of Zemzem] (Editions de La Gare — Paris 2008) and two novels STATIC (Editions La Croisée des Chemins, 2010) and Sainte Rita [Saint Rita] (éditions Le Fennec, 2015). He is the author of four feature films, The End (2012), C’est eux les chiens [They Are the Dogs] (2013), The Sea is Behind (2015) and Starve Your Dog (2016).






 8:00p.m. – “Longing”

by Alexandre Roccoli - Dance



The choreographer Alexandre Rocolli created “Longing” in September 2014 at Subsistances in Lyon. This piece deploys an immersive choreographic and sonic apparatus that explores, at once, the ancestral gesture of weaving, the motifs of passive resistance and of the physical tension of confinement. Here, the writing of the body fonctions like weaving in which the motifs are done and undone, unravelled, unknotted in an almost hallucinatory obsessional movement. In line with his previous works which explore trance states, “Longing” brings the choreographic body to the edge of rupture, bordering on an altered state of mind that generates intense emotion.

“The son of a miner, Alexandre Rocolli is fascinated by forgotten, despised and invisible gestures. ‘Longing’ coagulates his long-term research with detainees, weavers and marginalized people from yesterday and today. In this way, his shows invite the real or dreamt memory of these worlds that choreographic art widely ignores.” François Caignaud



Director, concept: Alexandre Rocolli. Dance: Malika Djardi. Music, composition: Benoist Bouvot. Weaving, light: Simon Krahl. Video: Alexandre Rocolli, Simon Krahl. Film editing: Simon Krahl.

Institut français de Casablanca

2 performanceS

60 DH / 80 DH


 9:00 p.m. — Shinigami San –

Live electro / video


The live performance of Shinigami San takes the form of a meditative trance. Tirelessly examining new sonic territories, Shinigami San’s process has now come to a crossroads between solid and gaseous. The distilled sonic substances are increasingly unstable and generate new densities. The sonic material no longer appears as a prison but rather as the medium for a voyage.

A musician and video artist, an actor in the Tunisian electronic scene since its outset, Shinigami San is an unclassifiable artist. Passionate about improvisation, he endeavors to bring this aspect of risk and surprise into electronic music.