MAY 12, 2016



 7:00 p.m. - Opening of

the exhibit Cellules dormantes (Dormant Cells) from Said Afifi


We arrived at Öro island on December 14, 2015. We were immediately fascinated by the Russian military constructions from the first and second world wars : we were the for a creative residency, the swedish artist Hanna Nielsen and myself. The island is characterized by its rather brutalist military architecture, bunkers, military shelters, defense systems and stations and long-distance radars. Currently, the Finnish army makes use of this place for its training activities, but less and less so. The government and public opinion want to turn the place into a touristic and natural establishment, as well as a human and cultural one.

A large part of the architectural patrimony here was constructed by Chinese prisoners at the beginning of the previous century. We find ourselves before traces of violence and of tragedies perpetrated, once again, by humankind. The military shelters were designed to provide a measure of security for the soldiers. Paradoxically, that’s not what one feels in front of these vestiges.

The exhibit Cellules dormantes revisits these places through a completely singular and fantastical, perhaps even science-fictional, lens across military architecture and images from after the disappearance of Man. It’s a sort banalized dystopia that asks questions about the absurdity of humankind who we are.

Born in 1983 in Casablanca, Saïd Afifi lives and works in Casablanca. Playing with the codes of postmodernist architecture pushed to their furthest limit, the works of Said Afifi can be read like so many utopian and/or dystopian projects heralding an apocalyptic era in which concrete reigns as master. Whether it be through interactive installations, photography or video, the artist’s works proceed from a cold and polished aesthetic, allowing a great technical mastery forged in the domaine of video games to show through.


Institut français de Casablanca




 8:30 p.m. — Décibel (Decibel)

 by Fred Nevché


Frédéric Nevchehirlian, “Nevché”, plots a winding and singular road between rock, slam and song. A complicated name, an indefinable genre, an approach of artisanal and militant development. His latest album, Rétroviseur, is narrative without compromise of an adolescence in Marseille, abrupt and romantic. At Masnaâ he will present a previously unseen performance, a long poem written between Marseille and Casablanca. Entitled Decibel, this new text is a daydream, a drive through cities and countrysides, lit up by touchscreens, somewhere between a manifesto and a virulent critique of the era’s disenchantment.


Institut français de Casablanca




 9:30 p.m. - Othman El Kheloufi /

Abdellah M. Hassak


This duo between Othman El Kheloufi and Abdellah M. Hassak is the fruit of a creative and experimental  residency of the two artists at the IFC exploring the theme of transformation and the intersection several disciplines (music, visual arts, performance.)

With his unique electro-ethnic sound, Hassak M. Abdellah aka DUBOSMIUM, is known today, for combining traditional music from Morocco, as an urban inspiration for his city Casablanca and for electronic music. Othman El Kheloufi is, at the same time, a stage designer, stage director, singer and saxophonist. Having always been passionate about music, culture and world rhythms, he is capable of juggling Chaabi and jazz as well as swapping his sax for a mic. In 2009, as bandleader, he brought together an eclectic group of artists and musicians to create the Othman El Kheloufi Band.



Institut français de Casablanca

Live - performance




 11 p.m.– A World Full of Bass # 2


This second component of the “A World Full of Bass” soirées brings together two female electro musicians, one from Tunis, the other from Casablanca as well as DVSN as DJ.

Line up : DVSN (Tunisia), ODA SIMI (Morocco), DEENA (Tunisia).


Performance artist, musician and DJ, DEENA is a product of the alternative Tunisian scene and a member of the collective Arabstazy. She offers a particularly energetic avant-gardist music in her pursuit for a club, futurist and arab music, playing in Europe, in Tunisia and in the Middle East.




ODA SIMI is a rising figure of the Moroccan electro scene. Her DJ performances combine techno and electro.


DVSN has contributed to the establishment of a culture of bass music in Tunisia. His recent productions embrace all of his influences and his approaches.