MAY 10,




 5:00 p.m. - "Bas-bord"

bY Ridha Tlili

Fiction, 13 min., 2009, Tunisia.


A young woman puts her baby into a ferryboat. She spends the day on the wharf hoping that a traveler discovers it. During this time, a man looks for her.







 Révolution moins 5mn

(Revolution Minus 5 min)

A film BY Ridha Tlili

Documentary, 75 min., 2011, Tunisia.


Early 2011, a few weeks after the revolution, a collective of street artists take to the streets of Tunis. Their name: The people of the cavern. The documentary follows them, camera in hand, during the execution of their fresco murals as well as in their personal lives.





 7:00 p.m. Foyer (Home),

a film by Ismaïl Bahri,

32 min., Video, 2016, France.

In the presence of Ismaïl Bahri.


At first glance, Foyer seems to be a screening without a film where a palpitating white screen is the only thing to be seen. Voices accompany this whiteness. They come from people who approached the cameraman while he was working to ask him about what he was doing. The filmer is, by turns, approached by an amateur photographer, a curious passerby, a police officer and a group of young people. Over the course of their appearances, discussions unveil to the spectators the principles of a filmic experiment in progress and, as such, the principles of the film that they are watching. This experiment manoeuvres, interrogates and transforms the camera into a home (to the image of a fire) around which people gather, speak and listen. Taking interest, firstly, in the camera, these words quickly deploy unique points of view, tracing the forms of a specific social and political landscape. They catch glimpses of the context in which this work’s experiment unfolds, feeling around for its path in a world that twists and turns.

Foyer is the Tunisian artist Ismaïl Bahri’s first video projected as a theatrical film.

The screening will be preceded by a presentation by the filmmaker.



Institut français de Casablanca

Institut français de Casablanca

Institut français de Casablanca






 8:30 p.m. - Une vie mineure

(A Minor Life), a film by Simohammed Fettaka

 69 mn, Fiction, 2015, France.

Premier screening in Morocco, in the presence of Simohammed Fettaka.


Inspired by a passage from the german poet Hölderlin in Bordeaux, Une vie mineure is the story of a young writer on a mission to find recognition. Having come to Bordeaux teach arabic to the children of a local family, his aspirations are clouded over the moment that he finds a plastic hand floating on the banks of the Garonne. Beneath the distant gaze of a mysterious and reclusive man the character then gets lost in a series of strange and alienating visions. He will end up being struck by an unheard of bodily phenomenon.


Une vie mineure is the Moroccan artist Simohammed Fettaka’s first theatrical film.




Institut français de Casablanca