Since its creation in 2013, the MASNAÂ festival has invited and produced nearly 100 Moroccan, French, Arab, European and American artists and has become, through its four gatherings, a leading event in Morocco.

It is led by two associations, one Moroccan (Association Masnaâ) and the other French (L’école de littérature) and is supported by private cultural institutions and foundations in Morocco, in France and abroad.

It takes place in different partner locations in Casablanca and recently in Rabat (institutes, galleries, cultural centers, concert venues, cinemas, artists’ workshops and places of residence).


The Masnaâ festival seeks to:


develop an independent, interdisciplinary and international event in Morocco in the matter of  contemporary creation.

promote the Moroccan contemporary arts scene through the production and diffusion of its artists as well the expansion of its audience in Morocco.

contribute to the structuring of Casablanca and Morocco’s cultural landscape through collaboration with different places (institutions, galleries, cultural centers, concert venues, cinemas, artists workshops and places of residence) and by putting them into a network.

encourage the circulation of artists and works in the MENA region by inviting artists from the Arab world to Morocco.

develop a network of artists and independent structures within the Arab world and encouraging their collaboration.

defend the vision of artists themselves, particularly by inviting an Arab artist as the associate artistic director of each annual gathering and by conceiving the programming of a festival as an extension of their work. Associate artistic directors of the 2015 festival: Hassan Darsi (artist, Morocco) and Meryem Jazouli (choreographer/dancer, Morocco). 2016: ismaël (filmmaker/artist, Tunisia). 2017: Mazen Kerbaj (artist, musician, Lebanon).


MASNAÂ 01 - Littérature in the making / 29 avril – 5 mai 2013


MASNAÂ. Factory. Site of fabrication, transformation, production. The école de littérature proposes a week of workshops, conferences, exhibits and performances in Casablanca, within the sphere of literary creation. The program concerns processes of fabrication, the most contemporary and diverse literary forms, those emerging right now in France, Morocco, the United States, across the Arab world and in Spain. The event will take place at a number of sites in Casablanca:  cinemas, cultural centers, artists’ studios and workshops and public spaces.   A rich program of meetings, conferences, shows, performances will be offered to viewers each night.

Participants : Said Afifi (artist, Morocco), Pierre Alferi (writer, artist, France), Zineb Andress Arraki (photographer, architect, Morocco), Kamal Aljafari (filmmaker, Palestine), Zoheir Atbane (artist, Morocco), Kacem Basfao (researcher, Morocco), Mustapha Benfodil (writer, Algeria), Touda Bouanani (artist, Morocco), Ambrose Bye (musician, United States), Hassan Darsi (artist, Morocco), Simohammed Fettaka (artist, Morocco), Laird Hunt (writer, United States), Driss Jaydane (writer, Morocco), Meryem Jazouli (dancer, choreographer, Morocco), Mazen Kerbaj (artist, musician, Lebanon), Amira Géhanne Khalfallah (writer, Morocco), Driss Ksikès (writer, Morocco), Joris Lacoste (stage director, writer, France), Vicente Luis Mora (writer, Spain), Khalid Moukdar (musician, Morocco), Aya Nabih (poet, translator, Egypt), Olivier Peigné (actor, France), Emmanuelle Pireyre (writer, France), Zahia Rahmani (writer, France), Lionel Ruffel (researcher, France), Eleni Sikelianos (writer, poet, Etats-Unis), Karim Troussi (stage director, France), Abdellah Zrika (poet, Maroc).


MASNAÂ 02 - création critique / 25 avril – 3 mai 2014


MASNAÂ. Factory. In its second year, MASNAÂ will explore the process of creation and its critical dimension. Ten days of workshops, lectures, viewings, and performances will be offered, in all disciplines: literature, visual arts, dance, cinema, cultural theory, etc. The program will focus particularly focus on the intersections or short-cuts between creation, criticism and theory and collaborative and participative processes. Participants will question and challenge the status, methods of production and finality of these processes.

With SAID AFIFI (artist, Morocco), MOHAMED AMANSSOUR (writer, Morocco), YOUNÈS ATBANE (artist, Morocco), ZOHEIR ATBANE (artist, Morocco), LATIFA BAQA (writer, Morocco), LAMIA BERRADA (writer, Morocco), FAOUZI BENSAIDI (filmmaker, Morocco/France), AMBROSE BYE (musician, United States), C.A.R (musician, England), FRANÇOIS CUSSET (researcher, essayist, France), HASSAN DARSI (artist, Morocco), MARC DUCRET (musician, France), YOUSSOUF AMINE ELALAMY (writer, Morocco), ALI ESSAFI (filmmaker, Morocco), ISMAEL (filmmaker, Tunisia), NADIR HAJJI (musician, Morocco), GHASSAN EL HAKIM (stage director, Morocco), ZIED MEDDEB HAMROUNI (musician, Tunisia/France), MERYEM JAZOULI (choreographer, Morocco), MAYLIS DE KERANGAL (writer, France), YOUSSEF OUCHRA (artist, Morocco), MOHAMED RACHDI (artist, critic, Morocco), RABIA RAHIANE (writer, Morocco), ZAHIA RAHMANI (writer, France), DAVID RUFFEL (critic, France/Morocco), ALA EDDINE SLIM (filmmaker, Tunisia), CORINNE TROISI (artista, France/Morocco), ANNE WALDMAN (writer, United States).


MASNAÂ 03 - ce qui est là / 17-25 avril 2015


The third edition of MASNAÂ, an international manifestation centered on contemporary creation in Casablanca, is the result of a collaboration between three artistic organizations: École de littérature, La Source du Lion and Espace Darja. This edition takes as its source of inspiration the former Legal Frères & Cie stores and warehouses, situated in the heart of a historic district of the city, turning this abandoned site closed to the public into at once an emblem, a platform of creation, and a place of projection. From January to May 2015, the three organizations will develop a shared program (ce qui est là) around this location, including residencies, workshops, conversations, and performances, and will invite writers, artists, and the public to invest it, design it, dream it and write a new page of its history. The MASNAÂ festival, April 17th-25th, will be the highlight of this program, with exhibitions, workshops, shows, and installations taking place around the Legal factory, in the spaces of Darja and La Source du Lion and at the Institut Français of Casablanca.

With Olivier Cadiot (writer, France), Meryem Jazouli (choreographer, Morocco), Kamel Daoud (writer, Algeria), Pippo Delbono (author/director, Italy), Chloé (DJ/musician, France), Hassan Darsi (artist, Morocco), Katrin Ströbel (artist, Germany), Tony Chakar (architect/writer, Lebanon), Omar Berrada (writer/translator, Morocco), Sarah Riggs (poet/visual artist, United States), Aya Nabih (poet/translator, Egypt), Abdellah Hassak (musician, Morocco), Jérôme Game (writer, France), Mohammed Elkhadiri (writer, Morocco), Christophe Fiat (writer, France), Nicolas Fenouillat (artist, France), Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quiros (curators, France), Marjolaine Lévy (art historian, France), David Ruffel (researcher/editor, France), Mohamed Tayeb Bayri (artist, Morocco), Aziz Nadif (dancer/singer, Morocco), Bassano Bonelli (actor, France), Ghassan El Hakim (stage director/actor, Maroc), Younes Atbane (artist, Maroc).


MASNAÂ 04 – May 9-16, 2016


The MASNAÂ festival in Casablanca invites the Tunisian artist and filmmaker ismaël for its 4th annual gathering. For 7 days the event will bring together contemporary creation from two cities in the Maghreb, Tunis and Casablanca, in visual arts, cinema, electronic music, comics and performance. 40 artists, more than 50 works, 10 issues and more than 20 events in one week : exhibitions, screenings, performances, live concerts, meetings, a workshop and a creative residency + one exhibition at Le Cube in Rabat from May 17.

Exhibitions : Nidhal Chamekh, Malek Gnaoui, Haythem Zakaria, Fakhri El Ghezal, ismaël, Simmohamed Fettaka, Younes Baba-Ali, Said Afifi, Younes Atbane, Youssef Ouchra, Wiame Haddad, Anna Raimondo.

Cinema : Jilani Saadi, Ridha Tlili, Ismaïl Bahri, Hicham Lasri, Simohammed Fettaka, Randa Maaroufi, Nadia Touijer, Youssef Chebbi, Pauline M’barek, Imed Aissaoui, Alaeddin Aboutaleb.

Music : SKNDR (Skander Besbes), DVSN (Tarek Louati), Shinigami San (Zied Meddeb Hamrouni), Deena (Deena Abdelwahed), Waf (Wafa Benromdan), DAOX, Dubosmium (Abdellah M. Hassak), Othman El Kheloufi, Nevché (Frédéric Nevchehirlian).

Comics: Lab619 (Abir Gasmi et Moez Tabia), Hicham Lasri.

Performances : Gustavo Monteiro, Younes Atbane, Alexandre Roccoli, Malika Djardi, Benoist Bouvot, Ghassan El Hakim.

 Artistic direction : ismaël and David Ruffel.

Curator « Masnaâ Saghir » at Le Cube : Jeanne Mercier.