The école de littérature is a non-profit association run by writers, scholars, artists, and others involved in the intellectual and cultural community in Morocco, France and around the globe. This project was born from an acknowledgment that in France literature is the sole artistic discipline that does not benefit from a pedagogical apparatus of its own making, lead by those who participate in its creation and evolution.


The école began in 2008 with the organization of gatherings intended to research literary arts pedagogy in France, Europe and in the United States.  In September 2010, approximately 20 people involved in literary matters met together in Lagrasse in the south of France to determine the foundations of this project.


The école de littérature has three objectives:

•  To create a structure which will allow first of all, writers to pass on their thought and their art over time, not only to teach other writers, but students in all disciplines: artists, or those engaged in any kind of of process of creation or research.  The principle behind this is that literary thought has an essential role to play in the formation of intelligence and creativity in general.

•  To work together to articulate creation, research and transmission.  The proposed programs are situated within a process of reflection and production that brings together poets, theoreticians, writers, critics, editors, artists, &c.  In particular, the process involves thinking current literary mutations collectively, in all of their components, beyond national, disciplinary, and temporal restrictions.  It seeks to offer a critical space for discussion and confrontation in contemporary aesthetics, and to participate in the perpetual reconfiguration of forms, borders and contexts of literature.

•  To be an autonomous apparatus.  Such liberty is the condition of invention.  The objective of the école is to experiment with alternative operational modes besides those set by the market or by institutions, and to widen literature's possibilities.  This may take very diverse forms, and include many different kinds of participation in many fields: aesthetic, educational, theoretical, social, political &c. The école de littérature's project is to be constantly re-interrogated and renewed by its participants.





Théâtre Garonne, Toulouse

In France, literature is the only artistic discipline, unlike the fine arts, music, dance, theater or film, that does not benefit from a proper educational structure, welcoming into its midst living producers and actors. At the Toulose Théâtre Garonne, writers, artists, essayists, educators are going imagine and implement what could be a School of Literature (Ecole de littérature). This proposition devised as an “Educational Happening” will appear in multiple forms ranging from debate to performance and open to public participation.

With: Boris Charmatz (choreographer), François Cusset (researcher/writer), Christophe Fiat (writer), Zahia Rahmani (writer), David Ruffel (researcher/publisher), Lionel Ruffel (researcher/publisher), Samy Tchak (writer), Camille de Toledo (writer).



Abbaye de Lagrasse, France.

Dear Friends,

For some time we have thought over the idea for a School of Literature (Ecole de littérature). We have shared numerous discussions with certain among you on the subject and ultimately this time has turned out to be a time of prefiguration for the School. This time has been taken. A voluntarily long time, for us this prefiguration has played an important part in the identity of this project. Prior to this call for participation, we set out from an obvious fact that has gradually established itself through the movement of our exchanges, availabilities and wishes: literature is an art without a school. And it seems bound to remain that way. We therefore feel even more free make it. Let’s make the school. Let’s be a moment together. In Lagrasse, for 5 days and free from all constraints, about thirty actors from the literary, intellectual and artistic community in France and abroad will gather. It will be a debate of various situations in literature today, to collect and to intersect knowledge, imaginations and theories as part of a prefiguration. The prefiguration of a school that will solely exist through literature.

With Bernard Hoeppfner (translator), Camille de Toledo (writer), Céline Minard (writer), Christophe Fiat (writer), David Ruffel (researcher/publisher), Eleni Sikelianos (writer), François Cusset (researcher/writer), Hassan Darsi (artist), Hugues Jallon (writer/publisher),  Laird Hunt (writer), Leyla Dakhli (essayist), Lionel Ruffel (researcher/publisher), Marielle Macé (essayist), Nimrod (writer), Nicolas Chesnais (filmmaker), Omar Berrada (translator/writer), Pascale Casanova (essayist), Philippe Forest (writer), Sarah Riggs (writer), Tiphaine Samoyault (writer), Xavier Person (writer), Zahia Rahmani (writer).


THE SUMMER SCHOOL / September 3-10, 2011

Abbaye de Lagrasse, France.

The story isn’t over, it starts over even more beautiful, outside of this Europe destined to endlessly replay, tragic farce, the stench of the 1930s and the business plan of the 1980s. The story’s not over, it’s train is stopped for one minute in the middle of nowhere, we are the opportunity and hopping on, five of us, twenty-five, five-hundred, all in “Literature” class, a worn out car where you’ll come across anything and everything, where all forms and all stories are possible, like third class in migrant cruise ships at the dawn of modernity. The unemployed school, counter-employed, in order to experience equality. Literature without embellishment, to go over there and see if the we is there, and to relearn to read together, to read in opposition. A place and a moment, to recharge concepts, cobble together new texts and the other way around, listening to friendly voices and drinking in the evening along the old parapets. Context, text, pretext, and what we will make from it.

With Abdallah Zrika (Morocco), Bernard Hoeppfner (France), Camille de Toledo (France), Cloé Korman (France), David Ruffel (France), François Cusset (France), Gisèle Sapiro (France), Hugues Jallon (France), Laurent Jeanpierre (France), Kenza Sefrioui (France), Laurent Mauvignier (France), Lionel Ruffel (France), Pavel Hak (France), Sami Tchak (France), Tiphaine Samoyault (France), Touria Hadraoui (Morocco), Vincent Message (France), Xavier Person (France).


INSIDE/OUTSIDE: Contemporary literary practices and productions / January-May 2012

L’Atelier de la Source du Lion, 113 avenue Mers Sultan, Casablanca.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE is a literature seminar that is interested in the current forms and conditions of literary production in different contexts and on different levels. Each session welcomes one or several guests: writers, researchers, artists, literary actors in the broad sense working in Morocco or abroad whose practices are situated just as much on the interior as on the exterior of literature by drawing the issues into question and by liberation from customs.

Guest speakers: David Ruffel “For a contextual literature” / François Beaune, “True stories of Mediterranean” / Omar Berrada “Translate, he says” / Tiphaine Samoyault “Translate world” / Olivia Rosenthal “Listen to write”.


TRANSLATIONS / July 7-14 2012

Abbaye de Lagrasse, France.

Translations is a residency in translation that brought together writers, translators and students from France, Morocco, the United States, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, etc. The workshops were in three languages: French, English, Arabic. The students took translation workshops focused on essential texts from contemporary Arabic, French and U.S. literature not yet translated in one or both of the two other languages. In parallel, French, American and Moroccan writers worked together toward the translation of some of their own texts.

Participants: Latifa Baqa (Morocco), Omar Berrada (Morocco/France), Jocelyn Bonnerave (France), Siham Bouhlal (Morocco), Robyn Creswell (United States), Anissa Derrazi (Morocco), Mohamed Elkhadiri (Morocco), Mohamed Hmoudane (Morocco/France), Bernard Hoepffner (France), Hugues Jallon (France), Laird Hunt (United States), Sarah Riggs (United States/France), Lily Robert-Foley (France), David Ruffel (France), Lionel Ruffel (France), Kenza Sefrioui (Morocco), Eleni Sikelianos (United States), Camille de Toledo (France), Hamid Zaid (Morocco), Abdallah Zrika (Morocco).



MASNAÂ # 1 - Littérature in the making / 29 avril – 5 mai 2013


MASNAÂ. Factory. Site of fabrication, transformation, production. The école de littérature proposes a week of workshops, conferences, exhibits and performances in Casablanca, within the sphere of literary creation. The program concerns processes of fabrication, the most contemporary and diverse literary forms, those emerging right now in France, Morocco, the United States, across the Arab world and in Spain. The event will take place at a number of sites in Casablanca:  cinemas, cultural centers, artists’ studios and workshops and public spaces.   A rich program of meetings, conferences, shows, performances will be offered to viewers each night.

Participants : Said Afifi (artist, Morocco), Pierre Alferi (writer, artist, France), Zineb Andress Arraki (photographer, architect, Morocco), Kamal Aljafari (filmmaker, Palestine), Zoheir Atbane (artist, Morocco), Kacem Basfao (researcher, Morocco), Mustapha Benfodil (writer, Algeria), Touda Bouanani (artist, Morocco), Ambrose Bye (musician, United States), Hassan Darsi (artist, Morocco), Simohammed Fettaka (artist, Morocco), Laird Hunt (writer, United States), Driss Jaydane (writer, Morocco), Meryem Jazouli (dancer, choreographer, Morocco), Mazen Kerbaj (artist, musician, Lebanon), Amira Géhanne Khalfallah (writer, Morocco), Driss Ksikès (writer, Morocco), Joris Lacoste (stage director, writer, France), Vicente Luis Mora (writer, Spain), Khalid Moukdar (musician, Morocco), Aya Nabih (poet, translator, Egypt), Olivier Peigné (actor, France), Emmanuelle Pireyre (writer, France), Zahia Rahmani (writer, France), Lionel Ruffel (researcher, France), Eleni Sikelianos (writer, poet, Etats-Unis), Karim Troussi (stage director, France), Abdellah Zrika (poet, Maroc).


MASNAÂ # 2 - création critique / 25 avril – 3 mai 2014


MASNAÂ. Factory. In its second year, MASNAÂ will explore the process of creation and its critical dimension. Ten days of workshops, lectures, viewings, and performances will be offered, in all disciplines: literature, visual arts, dance, cinema, cultural theory, etc. The program will focus particularly focus on the intersections or short-cuts between creation, criticism and theory and collaborative and participative processes. Participants will question and challenge the status, methods of production and finality of these processes.

With SAID AFIFI (artist, Morocco), MOHAMED AMANSSOUR (writer, Morocco), YOUNÈS ATBANE (artist, Morocco), ZOHEIR ATBANE (artist, Morocco), LATIFA BAQA (writer, Morocco), LAMIA BERRADA (writer, Morocco), FAOUZI BENSAIDI (filmmaker, Morocco/France), AMBROSE BYE (musician, United States), C.A.R (musician, England), FRANÇOIS CUSSET (researcher, essayist, France), HASSAN DARSI (artist, Morocco), MARC DUCRET (musician, France), YOUSSOUF AMINE ELALAMY (writer, Morocco), ALI ESSAFI (filmmaker, Morocco), ISMAEL (filmmaker, Tunisia), NADIR HAJJI (musician, Morocco), GHASSAN EL HAKIM (stage director, Morocco), ZIED MEDDEB HAMROUNI (musician, Tunisia/France), MERYEM JAZOULI (choreographer, Morocco), MAYLIS DE KERANGAL (writer, France), YOUSSEF OUCHRA (artist, Morocco), MOHAMED RACHDI (artist, critic, Morocco), RABIA RAHIANE (writer, Morocco), ZAHIA RAHMANI (writer, France), DAVID RUFFEL (critic, France/Morocco), ALA EDDINE SLIM (filmmaker, Tunisia), CORINNE TROISI (artista, France/Morocco), ANNE WALDMAN (writer, United States).


MASNAÂ # 3 - ce qui est là / 17-25 avril 2015


The third edition of MASNAÂ, an international manifestation centered on contemporary creation in Casablanca, is the result of a collaboration between three artistic organizations: École de littérature, La Source du Lion and Espace Darja. This edition takes as its source of inspiration the former Legal Frères & Cie stores and warehouses, situated in the heart of a historic district of the city, turning this abandoned site closed to the public into at once an emblem, a platform of creation, and a place of projection. From January to May 2015, the three organizations will develop a shared program (ce qui est là) around this location, including residencies, workshops, conversations, and performances, and will invite writers, artists, and the public to invest it, design it, dream it and write a new page of its history. The MASNAÂ festival, April 17th-25th, will be the highlight of this program, with exhibitions, workshops, shows, and installations taking place around the Legal factory, in the spaces of Darja and La Source du Lion and at the Institut Français of Casablanca.

With Olivier Cadiot (writer, France), Meryem Jazouli (choreographer, Morocco), Kamel Daoud (writer, Algeria), Pippo Delbono (author/director, Italy), Chloé (DJ/musician, France), Hassan Darsi (artist, Morocco), Katrin Ströbel (artist, Germany), Tony Chakar (architect/writer, Lebanon), Omar Berrada (writer/translator, Morocco), Sarah Riggs (poet/visual artist, United States), Aya Nabih (poet/translator, Egypt), Abdellah Hassak (musician, Morocco), Jérôme Game (writer, France), Mohammed Elkhadiri (writer, Morocco), Christophe Fiat (writer, France), Nicolas Fenouillat (artist, France), Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quiros (curators, France), Marjolaine Lévy (art historian, France), David Ruffel (researcher/editor, France), Mohamed Tayeb Bayri (artist, Morocco), Aziz Nadif (dancer/singer, Morocco), Bassano Bonelli (actor, France), Ghassan El Hakim (stage director/actor, Maroc), Younes Atbane (artist, Maroc).


BROUHAHA — February 18-19, 2016

Paris (La Maison de la Poésie) / Les Lilas (Espace Khiasma)

On the occasion of the release of Lionel Ruffel’s Essay, Brouhaha, les mondes du contemporain (Verdier, 2016), L’école de littérature is organizing two soirées, one at la Maison de la Poésie (Paris) and the other at l’espace Khiasma (Les Lilas) on February 18th and 19th, 2016. “For nearly ten years, I have lead an investigation about what contemporary means, particularly in the field of representations, where the term has created a debate. For ten years, I have observed that artistic practices, forms of knowledge and forms of life have become increasingly indistinct. This indistinctness between inside and outside, between actors and spectators, between knowledge and creation, between individual and collective, between centers and peripheries, is the characteristic of the contemporary which dehierarchizes and horizontalizes relations. The notion of brouhaha translates this characteristic. Is it enough to say it in a book? Certainly not. In Brouhaha, it is a question of books and of literature as they are seen in light of a regime of generalized publication. The Brouhaha soirées will realize this experience by performing the book. And they will do so with those people who have accompanied it over the years: writers, theorists, artists, curators, performers, students.”



CARAMBOLAGE – March 2-5, 2016

Casablanca (Institut français / Cinéma Ritz)

This first ever gathering of Carambolage, a gathering on the subject of dance initiated by l’Espace Darja, intends to discover through the work of 6 artists, the richness of today’s writings. In partnership with l’école de littérature, for this first year of Carambolage, l’espace Darja invites literature to join forces with Dance and give rise to meetings and collaborations between 3 authors (Claro, Céline Minard, Mathieu Riboulet) and 3 choreographers (Marta Izquierdo Muñoz, Meryem Jazouli, Bernardo Montet). Dance, literature. Two languages of the body, at once autonomous and porous, to create dialogue, to intersect and to contrast. The show El Diptico from the choreographer Marta Izquierdo Muñoz, inspired by Marocan cheikhat and by cinema, will be presented at the Cinéma Ritz for the closing of the gathering’s first year.

Concept: Espace Darja and L’école de littérature

Artistic direction: Meryem Jazouli and David Ruffel


MASNAÂ # 4 – May 9-16, 2016


The MASNAÂ festival in Casablanca invites the Tunisian artist and filmmaker ismaël for its 4th annual gathering. For 7 days the event will bring together contemporary creation from two cities in the Maghreb, Tunis and Casablanca, in visual arts, cinema, electronic music, comics and performance. 40 artists, more than 50 works, 10 issues and more than 20 events in one week : exhibitions, screenings, performances, live concerts, meetings, a workshop and a creative residency + one exhibition at Le Cube in Rabat from May 17.

Exhibitions : Nidhal Chamekh, Malek Gnaoui, Haythem Zakaria, Fakhri El Ghezal, ismaël, Simmohamed Fettaka, Younes Baba-Ali, Said Afifi, Younes Atbane, Youssef Ouchra, Wiame Haddad, Anna Raimondo.

Cinema : Jilani Saadi, Ridha Tlili, Ismaïl Bahri, Hicham Lasri, Simohammed Fettaka, Randa Maaroufi, Nadia Touijer, Youssef Chebbi, Pauline M’barek, Imed Aissaoui, Alaeddin Aboutaleb.

Music : SKNDR (Skander Besbes), DVSN (Tarek Louati), Shinigami San (Zied Meddeb Hamrouni), Deena (Deena Abdelwahed), Waf (Wafa Benromdan), DAOX, Dubosmium (Abdellah M. Hassak), Othman El Kheloufi, Nevché (Frédéric Nevchehirlian).

Comics: Lab619 (Abir Gasmi et Moez Tabia), Hicham Lasri.

Performances : Gustavo Monteiro, Younes Atbane, Alexandre Roccoli, Malika Djardi, Benoist Bouvot, Ghassan El Hakim.

 Artistic direction : ismaël and David Ruffel.

Curator « Masnaâ Saghir » at Le Cube : Jeanne Mercier.